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New Trustee and Management Team Announced For Khadija Charitable Trust

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Khadija Charactble Trust aims to establish a New Masjid Khadija and a Community Centre which are meant to provide a facility for the Muslim community to get together, worship Allah, and learn more about our beautiful deen and hand it to generations to come, and also offer a platform for the bigger community to engage with the Muslim community and get the right message of Islam and to achieve this we appointed one more trustee and executive committee to be the pumping heart of the project and a link with the community to provide ongoing information about the progress of the project and the ways to contribute and increase the general awareness of this important project, details are available on the website As we have a big project in front of us so we need every contribution, and we trying to establish channels so we can keep you informed of the progress of the project and the urgent needs when it appears. “I am passionate about community outreach and participating in activities that will improve social cohesion. It is an honour and privilege to be serving the Hamilton community in trying to make this project a success” said Dr. Ebrahim, the new trustee of KCT.

Alhamdulillah, we structured an executive committee that constitutes the pumping heart of the project, and also appointed one more trustee, please have a look on the website for more details: The new structure and the respective leaders are: Project Manager – Dr. Mohamed Bahr Trustee and Secretary – Dr. Abdul-Kader Ebrahim Finance Lead – Muhammad Cajee Digital Assets Lead – Dr. Gohar Khan Fundraising Lead (acting) –Mohammed Hussaini Event Management Lead – Hossam Elwakil Public Relations & Communications Lead – Tanzeev Haque The current trustees for Khadija Charitable Trust are: Dr. Mohamed Bahr • Syed Mujeebullah Hussain • Lynn Bester • Dr. Abdul-Kader Ebrahim The consolidation of these functions will IA focus on the necessary resources to build an effective system. For further information, please visit Contact:

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