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Rototuna Islamic Community Centre Project

Urgent Appeal for Donations

Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters,


It is with great pleasure to inform you that with the Grace of Almighty Allah we are planning to establish Rototuna Islamic Community Centre (RICC). The Muslim community in the North part of Hamilton has grown considerably, hence the need for a permanent Masjid and Islamic center is more than ever.  The main purpose of RICC is to promote genuine Islamic values through a variety of educational and social activities.

The aim of the project is to:


1) Provide a PERMANENT PLACE OF WORSHIP to the Muslim community living at Hamilton North.


2) Provide a platform of the Muslim community to carry out ISLAMIC EDUCATIONAL and social activities, and to serve the whole community. 


3) Provide CHILD CARE SERVICES, Muslim families, in the form of playgroups for children, before- and after-school care, crafts, etc. 

4) Provide recreational, health, sports, and wellbeing purposes for the members of the community as part of integrated social support.

5) Run HALAL small retail activity for the purpose of providing fundraising or social service. 

However, this will not be possible without your generous help and support. Please click on the following to see different donation options. 

Jazakk Allaah Khayrun.

Dr. Mohammad Bahr

RICC President

It also includes an Islamic school that will educate our youth for the generation to come. What a SADAQA JARIYA!!! The madrasa will prepare future Hafiz-ul-Quran and people who understand the true deen creating a blessing for the whole Ummah.

We URGENTLY need Your Support to Tie-up the Land for HOUSE OF ALLAH in Hamilton New Zealand. The total cost of the Land is 1.7 Million. 

Indeed Allah the Most High Says: "...and whatever you donate shall be repaid to you in full..."(2:272)

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