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Become a Special Donor Today with Automatic Payments

Updated: May 21, 2020

Donate Sadaqah Jariyah for an everlasting reward.

Help us build the house of Allah by becoming a weekly/monthly donor. We are genuinely grateful and touched by our donors who deeply believe in our project to give on a regular basis even if it’s a small amount.

We have a special group of donors who have become weekly/monthly donors to support our ongoing project.

Prophet SAW said, "The most beloved deeds to Allah are those that are done consistently, even if they are few" [Bukhari and Muslim]

The hadith shows Allah likes the deeds which are done on a consistent basis. So we ask you to become one of these exceptional individuals, who are special in the eyes of Allah SWT.

One of the biggest things we depend on as a charitable trust is consistency so that we can continue to work on our project of building the masjid and Dar-ol-Ulum for the Muslim community in Hamilton. We need your help with that!

Ramadan is almost over. Donate now in this special month for a greater reward!

As a regular donor, you will enjoy;

  • Hassle-free monthly donations

  • Automatic donation payment from your credit card or checking account

  • An annual statement provided for tax-exempt purposes

  • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time

It’s easy to sign up.

  1. First, go to our secure and simple online donation form

  2. Next, choose the amount you want to donate. Any amount is acceptable.

  3. Click to make it your monthly donation

  4. Then, donate with your PayPal or credit card

Need help or have additional questions?

We are always available to help. Please feel free to contact our team.

Dr Bahr (+64 21464 757)

Br Abdul-Kader (+64 210296 8600)

Br Tanzeev (+64 28419 0499)

Or email us at

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