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The Dar-Al-Uloum Rototuna Policy Document

Dar-Al-Uloum team is committed to working with our families to provide the highest level of Islamic
education to the children in our community. Every individual and family involved in Dar-Al-Uloum
thus has a role to play and has certain rights and responsibilities. Without the Will and Mercy of
Allah (subhanahu wa taala) and the co-operation of everyone we will not be able to attain success.
This document is therefore created to set out your rights and responsibilities towards Dar-Al-Uloum.

Child Placement
Dar-Al-Uloum is divided into 4 levels. The Dar-Al-Uloum team invested many hours of hard work into
exploring the best avenue for the child placement at an accurate level. Several approaches were
discussed and reviewed before settling done with the final procedure that we have in place now. We
are currently following the mainstream school approach to child placement, where children are
placed in a level based on several criteria with a special focus on their age. While we respect the
right of parents who want to choose year level for their child, we want parents to be aware that the
final decision for child placement will come from Dar-Al-Uloum team and inshaAllah we will ensure
that the child is where they best fit. We will make an exception for children who display higher learning
maturity inshaAllah. If you would like further information, feel free to contact Dar-Al-Uloum Admin
or Dr. Bahr.

At Dar-Al-Uloum we believe that the Teachers and Parents have shared responsibility towards the
safety of the children. To ensure a child is safe, we keep track of child attendance. If your child
cannot attend Dar-Al-Uloum on a particular day, it becomes your responsibility to notify the
teacher/admin about the absence. We have set up an online attendance system to keep track of the
child’s presence for each hour that they are enrolled. The system is in place for the safety of the
child as during the teaching hours, the children are our responsibility and we need to ensure that
they are safe and have not wandered off to some other place without the knowledge of their

Lateness & Leaving Early
If your child is going to be late or if you need to pick up your child up early, then it is your
responsibility to inform the Teacher/ Admin prior to class. If you forget to inform us prior to the class
regarding lateness, then you will have to accompany your child into the class. If we have not been
informed and your child needs to leave early, you will have to pick up the child from class as we will
NOT let the child leave class until an adult shows up. This is solely for the safety of your child.

At Dar-Al-Uloum we cherish every child’s right to education and pride ourselves in the fair learning
opportunity. Unfortunately, we can only cater for a limited number of children at any given time,
therefore, it is important to ensure that no learning opportunity is lost due to mismanagement on
our part. With the acknowledgment of high numbers on our waiting list, the board of Dar-Al-Uloum
has decided that it will be in the best interest of everyone to make the space available for a child
who is on the waiting list by removing the child who has had 3 consecutive absences without any

notice of absence. The former will be selected based on their status in the queue of the waiting list and
the later will be placed in the waiting list.
If a parent no longer wishes to bring their child to Dar-Al-Uloum they need to notify the
management in order to provide an opportunity for someone else on the waiting list. In this manner, we
will preserve the right of others to education.

Dar-Al-Uloum incurs a minimal fee of $10 per week per first child, every other child from the same
the family is entitled to a 50% discount thus from second to fourth child fees per week are $5 per child.
The fees contribute towards the upkeep of Dar-Al-Uloum, the stationary, print-out and other
resources used in the class. Fees are NOT subject to attendance, therefore while your child is
enrolled you are requested to pay the weekly fees. You can choose to pay fees weekly, monthly, per
term or yearly.

To keep track of fees we would appreciate if fees are paid to the following account:

At Dar-Al-Uloum we stand by the Islamic values of love, compassion, mercy and respect for all.
Under no circumstances would we tolerate bullying of any sort. Bullying can be in the form of
Physical abuse, Emotional abuse, Cyber bullying or Neglect in class. If you feel your child is
experiencing any of the above at the hand of any individual at Dar-Al-Uloum we encourage you to
speak to one of the teachers or contact Admin or Dr Bahr. The person approached will then bring
this concern to our meeting and we will put all efforts into resolving the matter and making your
child feel safe and valued in class. We will take every case seriously and where necessary, parents
will be involved in the process of dispute resolution.

Social Media Use
We use social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp group for the purpose of communicating,
informing and updating parents about the matters of Dar-Al-Uloum. We request that these
platforms be strictly used for Dar-Al-Uloum related discussions only. If you are not already on our
Facebook Page or WhatsApp group please contact admin.

If you have any concerns or complaints either about the material being taught or the manner of
teaching or any other experience in class or outside of the classroom, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We want to reassure you that every member of Dar-Al-Uloum team is committed to the educational
and emotional growth of your child. However, if there is a situation that can be handled better, we
would like to hear from you and improve ourselves. You can contact the person involved directly or
you could approach Admin or Dr. Bahr who will then take the matter forward. Every member of
Dar-Al-Uloum team puts hours of hard work into running Dar-Al-Uloum and making it a success.

We welcome any suggestions that will help us improve Dar-Al-Uloum. You can contact the Admin or
Dr. Bahr with any suggestions. Feel free to email or text your suggestions. Any suggestions will be
discussed in the staff meeting and taken forward there from.

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