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The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said; “Whoever builds a HOUSE for Allah, Allah will build for him a HOUSE in Paradise.”

We URGENTLY need Your Support to Tie-up the Land for House of Allah in Hamilton New Zealand.

This Project Includes Building 

Image by Afdhal N.

A Masjid

This large Masjid will cater to more than 700 Musallis. You will get an endless reward for as long this masjid stands. 


An Islamic School

An Islamic school will educate our youth for the generation to come. What a blessed Sadaqa Jariya.  


A Madrasa

The madrasa will prepare future Hafiz-ul-Quran and people who understand the true deen creating a blessing for the whole Oma. 

To specify Your Own Amount Please Click on the Button Below


Alternatively, Transfer the Donations Our Account

Account no.:  12-3171-0199644-00
Bank: ASB
ASWIFT code: ASBBNZ2A (for overseas transfers)


Land Cost

1.7 Million





If you are experiencing any issues with the donations or you have any questions about the project, please contact us.

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