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RICC Project Team Recruitment

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters,

Khadija Charitable Trust (KCT) is inviting community members to volunteers for filling various leading roles in the project of establishing the New Masjid Khadija and the community centre project planned for Rototuna North. The intention is to develop a structure to support the ambitious fundraising plan initially and move on to construction as soon as funding capacity permits.

The project structure is a way to work together, as we all have one purpose which is to create a generation with strong Iman and believe in Allah, practice beautiful injunctions of Islam and promote Tawheed.

Please click here to download the document that gives a brief description, responsibilities, and expectations of each role. If you feel that you have the capacity to fulfill any of the project roles, please fill in this application here and send it to, or send via WhatsApp to Dr. Bahr (+64 21 464 757).

Timeline: April 24th, 2020: Applications deadline April 25th, 2020: Evaluation and Interviews

May 1st, 2020: Team structure confirmed

For inquiries contact Dr. Bahr 021 464 757.

Jazak Allah khairan

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